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WARNING! Due to the current epidemic status, our facility operates to a limited extent. Contact with employees is possible electronically, email addresses are given below. In e-mail addresses, the symbol "@" has been replaced with "(at)". Telephone contact may be limited .

Ornithological Station Museum and Institute of Zoology
Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Nadwiślańska 108, 80-680 Gdańsk
tel.  +48 (58) 308-07-59
email: stornit (at)

Records of birds with rings: ring (at)

Staff of Ornithological Station MIZ PAS

Research workers
  dr hab. Andre Moura, Professor MiIZ [email: avmoura (at) ]
  dr hab. Małgorzata Pilot, Professor MiIZ [email: mpilot (at), tel. ext. 26 ]
  dr Karolina Doan, Associate Professor [email: kdoan (at), tel. ext. 35 ]
  dr Alejandro Flores, Associate Professor [email: aflores (at) ]
  dr Gerard Kanarek, Associate Professor [email: kanarek (at), tel. ext. 38 ]
  dr Dominik Marchowski, Associate Professor [email: dominikm (at) ]
  dr Milomir Stefanović, Associate Professor [email: mstefanovic (at) ]

Bird Banding Centre
  mgr Tomasz Mokwa, starszy biolog [email: tomok (at), tel. ext. 37 ] - head of Centre
  dr Izabela Fischer, specjalista [email: ring (at), tel. ext. 37 ] - recovery data
  mgr Magdalena Nowakowska, starszy biolog [email: wykazy (at), tel. ext. 37 ] - rings and ringing data
  mgr Anna Zawadzka, technik [email: azawadzka (at)]
  inż. Laura Trzyńska, technik [email: ltrzynska (at), tel. ext. 22 ]
  lic. Aleksandra Stawska, technik [email: astawska (at), tel. ext. 22 ]

PhD students
  mgr Roya Adavoudi [email: roya.adavoudi (at)]
  mgr Morgane Dromby [email: mdromby (at)]
  mgr Francelly Martinez-Sosa [email: francelly.martinez (at)]

Technical workers
  mgr Arkadiusz Sikora, starszy biolog [email: sikor (at), tel. ext. 23 ]
  Piotr Zieliński, technik [email: piotrz (at), tel. ext. 20 ]

  mgr Zenon Rohde, starszy specjalista [email: rozen (at), tel. ext. 34 ] - head of Administration
  mgr Alicja Bielska, starszy specjalista [email: stornit (at), tel. ext. 32 ] - secretary, ecological education
  Grzegorz Ławicki, konserwator [tel. ext. 25 ]
  Teresa Żyłko, starsza woźna [tel. ext. 25 ]

Retired workers
  prof. dr hab. Maciej Gromadzki
  dr Jadwiga Gromadzka
  dr Maria Wieloch [mwieloch (at), tel. ext. 36 ]
  dr Wojciech Kania

Contact with inspector of personal data protection: daneosobowe (at)

In email addresses symbol "@" is replaced by "(at)"